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April 5, 2011
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Stamp: Destroy The World by Quantization Stamp: Destroy The World by Quantization

Stamp: Destroy The Worldby Quantization

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I really am tired of other people trying to force laws down my throat to comply with a God they invented for behavior control.

The Crusades cost us almost 800 years of human development, I would rather not have Religion try to destroy the world again.

Things we'd have right now if we didn't have religion:

Cure for Cancer [stem cell research].

Ability to Regrow Limbs [stem cell research].

Cures for deadly congenital defects (Khrons, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis.) [stem cell research]

Unified Society and Government [current norms prevent societies of different religion from peaceful coexistence.]

Space Travel [Loss of hundreds of years of astronomical data during the crusades as the Catholics didn't want anyone believing that the Earth wasn't the center of the universe.]

Less bigotry, racism, and societal strife. [refer to peaceful

Global suffrage (voting rights). [Religion has always treated the minority population of the group it's established in, and all women, as second-class citizens, often denying these groups the right to vote. See 'Unified government"]

Acknowledgment of human rights globally [Religion refusing to acknowledge the rights of homosexuals to marry, the right for a woman to have an abortion, etc].

Possibly a few more.

Things we would lose if we lost religion:

Large death tolls as a result of holy war and bloodshed. [War in Iraq, war between the Jews and Palestinians which has been raging for over 1,000 years.]

It's a pretty decent trade, don't you think?

This isn't to say that organized Religion is the source of the worlds problems, or that there isn't any non-religious opposition to issues like gay marriage, stem cell research, abortion, and et cetera, but if you look, and I mean really look, most arguments against these things stem from some sort of 'biblical law'.

Jesus isn't here anymore, guys, and we don't live in barns anymore. We don't stone people to death either, nor do we sacrifice lambs to the sky. We have telecommunication, satellites in orbit, 500-foot-tall buildings and hospitals.
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All0Hallows0Eve Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011
I like how you actually chose to explain yourself instead of just saying Religion is bad. Especially to go into great detail into why you (and many others) believe religion is destroying the world. Instead of saying well it would take to long for me to explain, and you probably wouldn't understand.

But I do think the first way religion could get a better name for its self is by growing a pair and admitting what they did was wrong. Like the most common justifacation to the crusades has to be "well we did it in the past so it shouldn't count". Even though every mistake a scientist makes when it comes to evolution can never be taken back.

Or my favorite where you get those parents who tell their kids a bible story where Jesus said beat up all the kids that are different. But when their kids beat up that kid into the name of god, they say "what we would never tell them to hurt people, we just wanted them to know that thows people are freaks that should never be excepted".
Dreamcasts Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
How does religion have anything to do with stem-cell research not being able to be conducted?
It's just a law.
LiteratePothead Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconepicclapplz: This, is awesome.
supercupcakekitten Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011
atheist "OMG i agree. religion is STEWPID and POINTLESS! we'd be better off without jesushumpers!! :D "
skeptic "well i agree, i disagree, we need religion for security..."
Quantization Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011
You: "I find myself unable to compose a coherent message."

Me: "Come back when you can rub two neurons together."
supercupcakekitten Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011
ill be sure to come back when that happens, sir
ErikaVoyager Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011  Student General Artist
The idea of abolishing religion would make me smile...

But, like my father said, it can be a moral compass for those who are lost.
What would happen if humanity didn't believe in an ever loving creator or afterlife (I actually do believe in afterlife, even if I'm closer to an atheist than a religious person) anymore ? Would people go crazy and not care anymore about what is right or wrong ? Would they commit suicide because they're afraid of death (totally contradictory thing to do when you think about it)
I'm not a religious person and I do think religions incapacited humanity (the wars, the killing of the "infidels", trying to block scientific discoveries...) ... but in a way, it also made some people better (law can work too but I think people may be more scared of a mysterious force than men).

I think we should all be free of believing in what we want.
The problem I have with religion is that it became a corrupted institution. A lot of things that are prohibid by religion are just invention of men (a lot of injustice against women is nothing divine at all for example... just corrupted men writing whatever they want in a book, passing it as divine truth just to keep women on a leash).
Of course, I said religion can be a moral compass but... surely the killers and the pedos lost their own compass somewhere.
Funny, I'm no religious person but I have more humanity and sense of morality than some religious fanatics who kill "in the name of God".
kairitonks Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
I believe in god and stuff but i do believe in progress as well. Religion throughout history has either united or destroyed all things in its path. Its kinda a comfort blanket for when things are at its best and a scapegoat when all things at its worst. Really, we just need to do what is right.
jedi-one Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011
The only kind of atheist that annoys me.
Quantization Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011
The exact kind of Christian I'm targeting.
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